In this episode of RHOD, the ladies are still on their holiday in Mexico and the petty druhmuh continues. I felt like this episode wasn’t that great but here’s a rundown on my thoughts:

  • DeAndra is the fun rich bitch Cameron Westacott wishes she could be.
  • I bet your ass Carey DEFINITELY said that shit in like an alluding kind of way to Brandi.
  • YAAASSS TO STEPHANIE AND BRANDI JUST BACK IN THEIR FRIENDSHIP AND THEM ON THIS TRIP. Thank the lawd for them and their efforts to save their dildo.
  • The best part of this boat trip was when Stephanie and Cary threw up simultaneously over the boat’s railings.
  • Cameron just needs to STOP with this classist shit. LET’S GET REAL HERE, CAMERON IS THE FUCKING WORST.

Brandi chasing this uppity bitch with a dildo (if you found this funny, congrats, you’re not cunty judge Cameron Westacott) Apparently, Cameron Westacott is the moral authority and is teaching a course called Manners 101 on Bravo every week.

Brandi, GOD BLESS YOU, never change!

  • Last point, connecting with RHOOC, it seems like a ~trend~ that housewives are accusing some of the husbands/boyfriends being gay or bisexual… RUN WITH THIS PEOPLE, I am noticing a pattern yo.




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