I am NOT going to delve into my mental health history because it’s sad and will take five hundred fucking years to talk about every details of it. And quite frankly, it annoys the shit out of me. My amazing therapist who I will nickname Berry because he reminds me of Larry David and Bernie Sanders, has helped me a lot! But one of the most important things that was reiterated to me was self responsibility.

With an exception of a few things, YOU are responsible for your FEELINGS, THOUGHTS, and ACTIONS. 

I understand that past life events have influenced me and made me who I am, but NOW, I’m a grown ass woman who needs to take responsibility for myself – in all faucets of life. If you feel like you’re being unkind to someone or getting really angry, take a look into your relationship with that person because it’s most likely you. This is common sense but I just like to put it out there as a friendly reminder, only you can control your actions unless someone be fucking Imperius cursing yo ass, your actions don’t have to hurt someone else and especially yourself. You deserve to treat yourself like the fuckin holy bowl of pasta it is and so it needs to START WITH YOU. I asked Berry if this is conceded because to me it sounded like ME ME ME ME ME. Berry told me no, this is self care, this is self love and in the end, it’s good for everyone.

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