people w/ children

Please stop. Like I want to be all nice and empathetic and shit but seriously, PLEASE STOP BRINGING YOUR KIDS TO RESTAURANTS. When you and/or your partner decided to have a kid/kids NOBODY IN THAT RESTAURANT MADE THIS DECISION WITH YOU. So no one else should have to suffer the consequences of your questionable decision making. Trust me, nobody is finding it adorable when your lil brat screams or throws a tantrum, nobody finds it cute when your lil monster runs around wreaking havoc.

Granted there are great parents who tip very well but if you didn’t know already, if you’re bringing your toddler/child to eat out with you, YOU BEST LEAVE AT LEAST A 20% TIP. On top of cleaning up YOUR FUCKING MESS, servers are cleaning up YOUR CHILDREN’S MESS. Restaurants are not your home and servers are not your paid help.

That’s why there are baby sitters, that’s why you have parents… If all else fail JUST GET TAKE OUT, then you can continue to be your cheap ass self and not tip at all. I’m not here to tell you how to fucking parent and live your life but I am here to tell you that bringing children (esp. misbehaved children) to restaurants is rude, selfish, annoying, and stupid so just stop. If this sounds like I’m telling parents basically to not have a life, well that’s not my fucking problem because I didn’t tell them to have kids so…. Have fun not sleeping and spending your disposable income on your ungrateful kids while I buy myself a spa day and lounge around watching real housewives or do whatever the fuck I please because I don’t have a satan’s spawn of my own running around.

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