It was only the 2nd episode of the new season and we ALREADY have friendships breaking and the jersey drama to BACK IT UPPPPP. We started the episode back where they were left off in the premiere episode with Melissa’s ‘gorgeous’ cake being thrown lol.

I threw the lol in there on purpose. Imma beautiful mind this shit cuz EVERYONE deserves to be floored by my useless talents. Here’s the breakdown of the druhhhmuhhh:

Ziggy threw a small din din party at this restaurant in Boca for Melissa’s birthday and paid $500 for a custom birthday cake. Theresa then threw the cake and Ziggy got PISSEDDD, calling them “animals” and something along the lines of “we are going to have to tell the restaurant we are from Jersey.” She also said, they had low IQs. Lastly, she pours her wine on to the table… The next morning, all the girls except Ziggy and Dolores go do yoga on the beach. Margaret aka piggytails has some beach boys bringing a giant ass wreath of white flowers for basically a memorial for Theresa’s recently passed mother. Later that day, Ziggy brings everyone to a good friend’s house but asks the girls right before they enter to behave ladylike. They have weird swimming and tennis lessons. Dolores has a weirdly heated convo with piggytails on the tennis court. Everyone is at Ziggy’s Boca home for dinner and turns into a lowkey screaming fight and of course all the girls except Dolores walk out.


  • First of all, I would get upset too if someone fucking threw a cake I spent $500 and designed, IF IT WAS FOR MEEEEE. BITCH, she fucking got it for Melissa, does she not know the meaning of a gift? TO ME – IT IS GIVING SOMEONE SOMETHING THOUGHTFUL WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATIONS.
  • obviously, Theresa and Melissa SHOULD have called Ziggy the morning after to just talk about it because HELLO, COMMUNICATIONNNNNN. They don’t have to be sorry for what they did but they can acknowledge Ziggy’s feelings because we all know she’s an attention whore.
  • Ziggy is so terrible at being petty, like it’s not even funny.
  • I love Dolores so much: this girl tells it like how it is and is SO LOYAL. (As my close friends all know, I’m ALL ABOUT LOYALTY)
  • Why Dolores and Ziggy got upset about the memorial IDK, but piggytails should definitely texted Ziggy as SHE IS the one who brought her into the group and part of the trip… AS I SAID, LOYALTY MATTERS.
  • The disastrous dinner at Ziggy, where do I even begin??? Ziggy has all these pictures of herself as soon as you walk through the door; I respect the woman for her self love but it’s too extra in all the wrong way! Piggytails and Danielle Staub should have STAYED THE FUCK OUT OF THIS but I get it, as new and new-ish cast members, they feel the need to stand out. Ziggy clearly is lying or in denial about what she said at Melissa’s birthday dinner which is making her look dumb and making Dolores even dumber because she basically pleads the fifth. Why did Ziggy have to call the girls TRASH. LIKE OVBS, DON’T CALL JERSEY WOMEN TRASH… RULE #1.  But Danielle needs to calm the fuck down, isn’t this bitch doing yoga or something nowadays? But I’m glad Melissa just PEACED OUT.

I’m VERY excited for this season because “prostitution whore” Danielle Staub is BACKK  YA’LL and I can’t wait to see the pot she’s gonna stir. Melissa and Dolores have been my faves so I’m so excited to see this drama between the two of them because of their loyalties. I’m done, it is a little bit past 10:30am and Baby J needs a quick nap before work.


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