After we graduate from college many of us go through another transitional period of our lives. For some, it means moving back to our parents house to figure out what the hell to do, for some, it means grad school, for others, it can be the best years of your life. It’s a unique set of years that is the basis for our adulthood: habits, preferences, relationships, etc.

I was a super senior, I was able to see some of my friends go through their transition years before me and now that I’m finally catching up with them, I’m realizing that some of us might not ever reach adulthood and that’s completely fine. I feel like society defines being an adult as someone who is of age, capable of functioning in society productively, and being financially responsible – it’s also what my mom told me when I asked her about it. But my mom also said something so poignant — that’s she herself still doesn’t feel like an adult.

She told me that being emotionally and mentally mature is far greater than someone’s financial capabilities because if you are not a complete person and lack a fully developed soul, you’re just like a kid. Millennial are always shit on and pressured to succeed in the most impossible circumstances and I’m here to tell all of us Millennials that even the “adults” who we know are probably still kids. I personally believe we will never know ourselves completely even on our deathbed; humans are impossibly complicated creatures, always evolving, and I believe that we have to learn and grow our whole lives. So being an adult means you’re done and I don’t think that’s the case for anyone.


Growing up and being an adult are two different things. May we grow but never become adults.




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