sleepover rules

It has recently come up during a conversation with a good friend of mine that boys after they have surpassed the age of 21 still don’t understand the sleepover rules. Let me lay it out for you.

Up to age 13 – innocent

Up to 17 you still living at home so it’s becoming PG-13 to R rated depending on if you’re parents are home.

Now when you get to college, throw out the rule books. But there is an assumption if you’re heterosexual, sleeping over at the opposite sex means sex. I understand many college students party HARD freshman and sophomore year. But when are boys and some girls going to realize that after you’re 21, sleeping over means JUST THAT. Can a person just not sleep in peace without a genital poking at them? ENOUGH, grow the fuck up and if you want to have sex, then ask. Because assuming is the worst thing you can do and understand that a NO MEANS NO.

Learn to communicate because sleepover doesn’t HAVE to mean sex. SEX means SEX. Sleepovers can go back to meaning fun nights with other people where you stay up late binge eating and watching TV without the thought and pressure of sex interrupting that fun.


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