Hi I’ve low key stalked you on the internet…

Haven’t we all gone down the internet rabbit hole of looking at other people’s social media? I’m not talking about celebs or other semi famous people. I’m talking about friends of friends of your friends cousin’s fiancé. Whatever the connection may be, I think it’s impossible to not low key stalk people online when it is so accessible. It definitely makes breakups of friendships and romantic relationships more difficult because you can see what the other person is doing.

Our online profiles are essentially our masks to show everyone we are connected with what we want them to see. Whether the content is pretty, sad, funny, serious, nasty, rude,etc.; because of this I think we forget when we creep on people online, what we see may not be truly who they are. Going into my question, if or when we meet the people we have been creeping on the interwebz, do we acknowledge it?

Here’s a recent scenario I was in, I stopped by this nice boutique before leaving Fayetteville this past weekend and recognized the girl who works there. (I knew she worked there but didn’t know she would be there.) This is how I know her: I went to jr high and high school with her and saw her around but that’s about it. She’s a year older I think and I probably saw her Facebook when I was creeping on my classmates from high school who happens to be her younger brother. THIS IS WHAT I FUCKING MEAN. It’s like I know all these details about people’s lives but I don’t even actually know them…. it scares me a lot. Anyways, she was being really great and helping me pick out pieces and I sorta talked to her and another male co-worker. But when I left, I felt weird, like should I have said hey I follow you on Instagram or something?

This weirdness won’t go away in general. There are people I’ll see randomly and realize I’ve somehow seen their social media profiles. I have a hard time being fake and tend to have no filter when I’m speaking so not knowing what the proper etiquette is, is confusing the hell out of me. I know it can’t just be me with this issue… yes, I fully embrace my Korean background in needing to know everything about everyone and feel like Gretchen Weiners giant hair. But my god, the amount of useless information about people stored in my brain drives me crazy.

I’ve come to a conclusion that we should not be shy about letting someone know we have creeped on their profiles. If we accident blurt out a fact about them, why should we be embarrassed? They put that information out there. If it is a public profile and you have access to it, I don’t think it is a crime for you to know. But by all mean I don’t mean invade their privacy or anything like that however if you’re assuming or making connections based on what you see or read, I feel like that’s completely harmless as long as it’s not damaging that persons life in anyway. AKA DONT SPREAD OR REPEAT RUMORS. The only embarrassment that I can think of is from basically letting that person know you’ve spent WAYYYY too much time on the internet but honestly, don’t ever be ashamed of yourself for something this basic which EVERYONE DOES.

ON THE OTHER HAND, don’t look at the profiles of the new girlfriend of a guy you never even dated but definitely caught feels for. I mean, I’ve been really smart and stayed away from both their profiles but did have a friend look at that girls profile to affirm my analogy that I am indeed Rihanna and she’s Kylie Jenner. But that’s just me…


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