what’s up with all these dick pics?

Trick or Treat? You’re probably getting a dick pic either way. (I don’t give a fuck about Halloween so this is the only time I’ll mention anything about this dumb day where people spend ridiculous amounts of money on costumes they will stuff away in some garbage bag.)

Anyways, let’s talk about DICK PICS. A trend amongst the male population that has become too prevalent and overlooked in our culture. I want to dissect this topic into two parts: the motives behind a dick pic and then what they consequently mean for those receiving them.

  1. Why do men send dick pics? Here are some of my theories.
    – Fragile masculinity.
    – It proves they do not have a micro penis thus pumping their fragile masculinity.
    – They see it as currency to exchange for nude pictures of women or men they are sending their dick pics to.
    – A way to inflate their ego if their dick looks larger in the pic than in irl.
    – They love how their dick looks so they want to share their self love.
    – There is something wrong with their dick so they want to get a third or thirtieth opinion.
    – They genuinely think it will turn on their sexual partner/partners.
  2. The consequences of a dick pic.
    – If they are unwanted from the person receiving them, this is a form of harassment.

                               Sending unsolicited dick pics is sexual harassment. 

    – Women are mostly subjected to this disgusting behavior and we often let it go because it seems like there isn’t much we can do to change this culture.
    – When bothered with certain amount of dick pics, one becomes desensitized to male genitals.
    – A form of sexual harassment which seems to be tolerated which enables more men to send unwanted dick pics because there are few to no consequences for them.


How do we change this? Well first if you are receiving unsolicited dick pics, SHUT IT DOWN. Tell them why this is not okay and try to educate them; if you need to, publicly shame them and message their mothers. Then be consistent in your reaction to getting unwanted dick pics; I know it’s super annoying to constantly be on the defense but small individual changes will eventually lead to social changes.


And this post isn’t here to shame anyone who likes getting dick pics. My goddesses noooo, I have definitely asked for some to confirm they don’t have a micro penis. This is to address the concept of CONSENT. If both parties want to exchange sexy pictures by all means go ahead!!!



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