Seasons of Trump

525,600 minutes, how do we measure the trail of diarrhea the Trump administration has left and is still spewing on the United States and the rest of the world?

I think a lot of us can agree that November 7th, 2016 was one of THE WORST nights of our lives. For me, I had a high fever and woke up around 1am to livestream CNN, expecting to see Hilary Clinton as the winner of the 2016 Presidential election. Except what I got was a nightmare in reality; Wolf Blitzer telling me that Trump is about to be the next fuckin president… I called my friend Taylor (who was in London at the time) in tears to see if she was keeping up with this shit storm. I went back to sleep in hopes that I would wake up in the morning and what I had just seen and heard was all a terrible nightmare.

On November 8th, I cried the most I have in 2016. I booked an appointment with the school counselor because I was so distraught. The result of that election would impact EVERY AMERICAN, but it would also fuck shit up for some of my undocumented family members. I can’t go more into detail about that but what I can go into was my predicament. I was in the U.S. through a student status and to stay in the States for the next year, I would need to apply for OPT (year long employment status) which would take months to process and would only be valid IF I got either an internship or job that directly relates to my degree within three months of being granted the status. On top of trying to graduate, I was applying for grad schools in Germany, trying to apply for this OPT shit that costs my parents over $500, and figuring out what I would do if I didn’t get it. It seriously pissed me off when I heard peers complain because yeah transitioning out of college life is hard, but you don’t need to think about the possibility of having to leave a country you call your home and not knowing where to go.

It baffled me that Americans didn’t realize how archaic and complicated the immigration laws and process in the States are. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to get into this country. The whole summer I was worried about getting this employment status because I had secured an internship but was not able to renew my driver’s license without the official document and card. THIS IS REAL SHIT YA’LL. The little things Americans take for granted has always been a hassle for me and my family members. Without an American passport, you literally have to pull out pages and pages of documents to get a driver’s license, at borders control in airports, etc. So PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF.

I briefly want to address the trail of diarrhea and fake tanners that the Trump aka cheeto puff’s administration has left since that vomit inducing bully has taken office:

  • played around with the health care of millions of Americans and couldn’t accomplish SHIT even with a Republican congress and Senate
  • constantly blaming and tweeting out of control when major disasters and mass shootings have occurred
  • playing a lot of golf – the very thing he accused of Obama doing too much of
  • presidential pardon on Sheriff Joe Arpaio (NYT article on this monster Arpaio)
  • taking way too damn long and retracting statements on condemning Nazis and white nationalists after Charlottesville
  • pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • slew of press secretaries going in and out like the White House is some bougie ass trap house
  • lying to the American public (a complete list by the Washington Post)
  • failing to fill the vacancies in top jobs (apparently they REALLY downsizing)


That’s not all but I couldn’t write anymore because I really don’t want to chuck my laptop out the window. I think I have about a existential crisis on average twice a week because of the news updates I get. (I’ll get into this shit in the pt. 2 post). Me, along with millions of Americans, hoped that Trump would settle in the Presidency and you know be fucking presidential. Instead, the respect George Washington brought into the highest office in the United States of America, is being squashed by Trump and his joke of an administration.



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