Baby Jae’s Life Update

Hey bitches, it’s been a hot minute and I know were probably wondering did this bitch get run over by a Trump supporter in a Walmart parking lot or something? Well if you are smart and follow my social media, you would have noticed I celebrated my 24th birthday and some other shit. Here’s what’s up:

  • my bff Julie flew in from Long Island to celebrate my birthday and nu yrs wit me
  • I’ve been on a weekly dick diet and it’s pretty lit
  • I had a weak social media detox and will be going on that again
  • had multiple realizations about the friendships in my life and the way I was being treated
  • I flew to Pittsburgh recently to visit my YINZESSSSSS for an amazing friendship weekend
  • curbed my spending addiction with the help of my mom and aunt – forfeited all my credit and debit cards to learn to budget with just cash
  • ate disgusting amounts of fried chicken in the span of two months

stay tuned for my comeback on the part 2 post

k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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