swipin thru lyfe ~ effects of social media on relationships, dating, and mental health

Don’t fuckin’ lie, if you own a smart phone, you’re probably staring at your screen for a good chunk of time throughout the day. If you want, you can live in denial like me and just say say no, I’m never on my phone.

This post is going to dissect the gr0$$ impacts of  social media and access to the internet on our fingertips has on our relationships (family-friends-accquaintances), dating, and mental health.

 Whether it be friends, family, or just work/school acquaintances, you are mostly likely connected to them through facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc WHATEVER. Facebook as literally become the new LinkedIn and it’s weird as shit. I feel like you either have to filter yourself completely to be hired or just let your freak bitch out and go for it. I clearly chose the latter. There is this comfort of having very very low maintenance friendships because you don’t have to personally talk to EVERYONE but you can just post shit and people look at it. This convenience fosters the habit of hoarding relationships in your life. Does this devalue the people you are supposed to be closer to? And does this make us neglect those we want to stay closer to?

We are all a little guilty of online stalking exes and potential dates. But it’s become so common that it blurs the line of what we know about someone. As ya’ll know my rule is, if it is public and they posted it themselves, it is not an invasion of privacy. But why does it feel like it’s wrong to go creep on the people surrounding a romantic interest? The hardest part about dating in the age of social media is self restraint. There’s this cycle that I guarantee EVERYONE of dating apps go through.

  1. Match on the app.
  2. If small talk conversation go well, you add each other on Snapchat, Instagram, and contacts.
  3. Then talk NON STOP for like a couple of days.
  4. Meet up 4 whateverrr ya know
  5. If it goes well, you have to start acting cool and normal and figure out what the texting etiquette is.
  6. Cycle starts again because boys are dumb.

So the dilemma is waiting by the phone for someone to text you back blahhh and you check snapchat to see if they have been active. It’s basically stalking someone’s online activity to see if they are busy or ignoring you. IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC.

Social media + modern dating = insanity, erratic fluctuations of self confidence, and a heavy case of petty Sherlock Holmes syndrome

IT’S A GODDMAN WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY. I will tell you all what the problem is, people love to play games and are terrible at replying. It’s not like you need to type an essay but a simple  y/n. You don’t owe anyone any explanations but seriously, just respond. So personally I’m just gonna get off of social media and not deal with it because self restraint isn’t a thing in my world apparently.

Most important part of all one’s mental health. It cannot be healthy to be looking at at a screen most of the day. Like the fact that people have to rely on social media apps for news is pretty sad. Is it making us dumber? PROBABLY. Is it making us happy? DEF NOT. But why are we so addicted to it? I ACTUALLY HAVE ANSWERS. We are so unhappy with ourselves that  we need constant validation from our “audiences”. This is why I started just posting WHATEVER I WANTED on my instagram and snapchats. Not for the likes, followers, but because it MADE ME LAUGH. Sure there is some vanity there where yeah, I want to be complimented on my physical appearance but for the most part, it just made me hysterically laugh. Up until that point, it was what should I caption, what filter, what this what that. LIKE WHO GIVES A FUCK. I know I sound like some crazy person but the reason I’m a low key snapchat and instagram whore is because I have an irrational fear of going into a coma and waking up not remembering a thing about my life and myself. So it’s a way for me to document my life.

Live your best life and forget about what you have to present to the world. I realized I was on my phone so so much on this recent trip to Pittsburgh to see my yinzes. Disappointed in myself for the lack of self awareness and appreciation of the present.

I guess what I’m going to wrap up with is that it only matters if you think it matters and it doesn’t mean shit if it’s not genuine.

k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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