FEMINISM: a 2nd full time job

Here’s the deal, I have a fucking problem when people pick and choose to be feminists. These are what I see as the fundamental pillars of feminism:

  • human rights and equality for all regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, political/religious beliefs, race, and etc
  • supporting all women on their endeavors whether it be they want to be sleeping with different people all day every day or choose to be celibate
  • lifting up fellow females in professional, academic, and social settings because there is room for EVERYONE
  • cheering for the success of every women, especially in traditionally dominated male fields


You know when you see an ex dating someone new and your first instinct is to rip apart the new girl on her looks and whatever else. That shit is fucked up and something I have struggled in the past as well. It’s only been in the last couple of years where I have stopped myself and come to defend girls I don’t like because being a feminist is a full time job.  So next time you feel yourself doing that, just take a deep breath, GTFO their social media and just tell yourself, that bitch is probably awesome as shit and hope for their happiness.

When you see girls out dressing scantily and being sloppy drunk, LET THEM LIVE. Help them if they need a cab or get freshened up in the bathroom. Don’t be so fucking judgmental.

If you’re in a male dominated field and the one other female gets a promotion or whatever, celebrate that shit! Don’t get jealous and talk smack — instead work harder and be the best you!

If people are talking crap about a certain girl when they are not there to defend themselves, stand up for them. 

The only time I will condemn women is when they are being hella sketchy and is bringing to harm/pain to their fellow human beings.

The only way we can achieve equality is to empathize and gain knowledge of those who are not like you to WORK TOGETHER. Intersectional feminism is real shit so if you’re white, please please take that into consideration. 


k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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