Rationalizing Rejection

Rejection is that fugly re-gifted scarf you get as a present … you have to accept it but will stash it away in the corners of your closet or toss it away for donation. You’re probably wondering, what does this bad ass boss bitch know about rejection?

I might be perfect in every way but I still have had my fair share of rejections. The most recent rejection came in the form of a boy who told me he didn’t want to be intimate with me anymore because he simply just doesn’t feel that way about me.

My first reaction was to cry like a kid who just got their ice cream stolen by a seagull. Then I proceeded to get drugged up for bed (I’m recovering from a surgery I had four days ago). I had a weird series of dreams and thoughts in what seemed like a drug induced meditative state and I have the list of wisdom to help all you bitches to rationalize rejection and not be buttfucked by it.


If you know your value, you will not feel any less by rejection. You are still you and someone or something not accepting you doesn’t change who you are.

  • Don’t take it personally

Seriously don’t take it so personally. A lot of the times, you’re a factor but it’s mostly about that person. They just don’t vibe with you and there’s no reason to take it personally. If you continue to personalize every situation, you will have resentment and a host of ugly ass feelz for people building up inside of you and that’s only toxic for you.

  • It is out of YOUR control

You can’t control other people’s feelings! Even in the wizarding world, potions and spells aren’t controlling authentic feelings, it’s just creating an illusion. Just like how you want your feelings and thoughts to be valid and respected, you have to do the same for others.

  • Determine whether if this rejection actually impacts your life and livelihood

Some rejections by colleges or terrible parents will greatly impact your life and def spend time on this with a therapist. But petty rejections from dudes, co-workers, friends, will mostly likely just hurt your feelings and really won’t make a difference. So why give it the time, energy, and power of your life on something that has already happened and literally has no profound impact on your life?

  • Move the fuck on (given appropriate time for emotional/mental processing)

So after all this processing, move the fuck on. Rejection is something that’s gonna keep happening and yeah the magnitude of each rejection might vary but the concept is more or less the same. Shit doesn’t go your way and you aren’t accepted for who you are. That’s life yo and if your weak ass can’t deal with the slightest of rejection, go take a look at yourself, figure out why you’re such a weak ass and work on that shit! Rise out of the rejection pile of ashes like Cardi B coming up in 2017.

Take this from a self proclaimed kween, nothing is embarrassing or hurtful until you decide it is. Don’t let a petty ass rejection deter you from being your best self and stop you from pursuing your realistic goals! Cuz dreams are for dummies who can’t actualize their fantasies HAAAAAA.

k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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