About dis bitch named Baby Jae

Hi my name is Jae and I am EVERYTHING. No really, I’m pretty ridiculous and have learned to embrace the use of that adjective to describe myself.

I am a Korean immigrant and moved from Seoul to Queens at the ripe age of 7. I don’t fucking care what anyone says, the City is the best place in the world. Our family had a brief one year affair with Louisville, KY before learned they could fuck with Fayetteville, AR for half a decade. There’s my brief and general geography history.

The reason I started this blog was to put all my opinions and thoughts into one plaice to see if I could sleep better at night. As an introvert that LOVESSS TO TALK I figured I would start a blog before going full force in with a podcast. Like everyone else, I too am annoyed with my own voice and no matter how many cigarettes I smoke, it will not change permanently. (My favorite voice comes at the beginning and middle of a cold or flu and lasts for a good week or two.)

~ important thingz 2 kno ~

  • when I am referring to Gertrude, I am referring to my stomach and digestive system
  • if you can’t handle anything I say or get offended, GTFO, I paid for this fucking domain and imma say whatever the fuck I please and also, the internet is a huge ass place so I’m sure you can find something that appeals to YOU
  • if you come for me, I will come for you too honey
  • God forbid my comment section becomes some annoying reddit forum, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER DEBATING WITHOUT F A C T S.
  • I ALWAYS KEEP RECEIPTS, so please keep yours.
  • EN👏🏼JOY👏🏽YO👏🏾SELF👏🏿
  • science is real